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Teel Productions – was established in 1997, by Wayne Teel, to produce a weekly community based, public access, TV program, “In The Spirit”. The program ran  for 12 years before it was transitioned into a weekly sermon series program for Shiloh Baptist Church. In 2005 Wayne began producing and directing the plays that he wrote as dinner theatre for some of the ministries of the Shiloh Baptist Church. “We Praise Your Name”, “Senior Moments” and “Deaconess Willie Mae’s Last Will and Testament”  were performed at Shiloh to sold out audiences.  Attendance required encore performances for all of the productions. Since the Christian Based productions were well received, it was determined that Teel Productions expand its outreach through performing arts ministry. Teel Productions includes actors, singers, dancers and production support staff from the greater Trenton area and beyond. Our mission is to promote the performing arts by writing, producing and supporting stage productions. "A Visitor's Blessing" was performed in May 2009 at the New Jersey State Museum with an encore performance in July 2009 at the Shiloh Baptist Church. "My Brother, My Sister, Forever" was performed April 8th thru the 11th, 2010 at the Passage Theatre in Trenton, New Jersey. "My Brother, My Sister, Forever - Part 2 - The Gospelfest Reunion Party" had two successful runs during 2011. "Take Your Hat Off In The Sanctuary" was performed in 2014 At Shiloh with an encore presentation in February 2020.

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"My Brother, My Sister, Forever "

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Production Photos

"A Visitor's Blessing" * "We Praise Your Name" * "Deaconess Willie Mae" * "Senior Moments"

"A Visitor's Blessing"

About The Production * The Writer\Director * The Cast Bio's * The Cast Videos

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"We Praise Your Name" Video Clips

Written, Produced & Directed by Wayne Teel

Shiloh Baptist Church - February 2005

Starring the Shiloh Baptist Church Liturgy, Praise & Worship Ministry

Scene 1 - Anointed Praise

African Dance

Scene 2 - Old Man River

Scene 3 - The Sisters

Scene 3 - The Congregation

Scene 3 - The Quartet

Scene 3 - The Dancers

Scene 4 - Hip Hop Dance

Scene 4 - His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Scene 4 - Teens With Young Reverend

Scene 4 - Young Pastor

Shape It By Mitzi

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